Why is Madeira bread so special?

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If you want to try the best food on the island, today I bring you a video of the best homemade sweet potato bread to try in Madeira.

Baking bread is part of the Portuguese identity.

On the Fado song (a sort of Portuguese blues) “Uma Casa Portuguesa”, the lyrics say that in a Portuguese home, bread and wine is a must-have, and when someone knocks at the door, they insist on sitting you at the table. This brings joy to them and the people they share it with.

“Numa casa portuguesa fica bem
Pão e vinho sobre a mesa
E se à porta humildemente bate alguém
Senta-se à mesa com a gente
Fica bem essa fraqueza, fica bem
Que o povo nunca a desmente
A alegria da pobreza está nesta grande riqueza
De dar e ficar contente”
Amália Rodrigues

Though there are many versions of homemade potato bread, Quinta do Furão, in Santana, dedicates to artisanal baking in a wood-fired oven bread.

It was great to meet Gorete and a great opportunity to see her bread recipe in practice! She is a 30-year experienced bread maker who puts her love and care into making Madeira bread.

Watch the video and find out the secrets of their success!

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If you’re a lover of sweet potato recipes, Madeira is the place to visit!


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