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Ponta São Lourenço Walk is Every nature lover’s dream! Untouched stunning nature, colourful cliffs, and wild endemic flora and fauna. To tell the truth, for the ones who trek, this walk is unmissable.

  • Holiday Type Hiking, Walking & Active
  • Activity Level Challenging 5/8
The best map app for walking in Ponta de Sao Lourenço is to go on a tour with a mountain guide. ponta app

All about the walk of Ponta São Lourenço

If you are fit, then come with us and enjoy a fantastic coastal walk for 3-4 hours round trip. Actually, Ponta de São Lourenço is a unique area with a painting like scenery on the eastern-most tip of Madeira. In addition, there is a feel of wilderness and a wide range of little plants and birdlife. 

At various points, you can stand on the top of sheer cliffs and marvel at the seascapes. In fact, every corner you turn there will be another breathtaking view of both the northern or the southern coasts of Madeira. Either, from the Morro do Furado you will see the lighthouse in the distance, and the neighbouring islands of Desertas and Porto Santo.


In particular, do not miss this fantastic place because it’s a must! By way of example, Ponta São Lourenço walk is an opportunity to step back in time with evidence of the volcanic turmoil, including the geomorphological processes or the struggle by plants and animals to grab a foothold on a beautiful, but hostile landscape. Further, such rugged terrain for hikers you do not find everywhere. Thus, make your booking now!

Desertas islands natural reserve from Ponta de São Lourenço Walk. a group of islands.

Other Details of Ponta São Lourenço Walk

When: Full-day, Tuesday

Trip Specifications: Tour starts at 9h and finishes around 16h. Note that although guide books mention a 3,5-hours walk, we need all day as we do the walk at a reasonable pace, including stopping for lunch and taking photos. The walk Ponta de São Lourenço is challenging with up and down sections. There are fences to protect you from the steep drops. One beauty of this walk is experiencing the different landscape (colourful cliffs), with your guide showing you various plants as you walk.

Distance: 8 km (4 miles)

Max. Altitude: 110 m (360 ft.)

Min. Altitude: 5 m (16 ft.)

Departure Point and Time: Before, please click here for location details and map.

Venues: Peninsula Partial Natural Reserve; European site – Natura 2000 and other mentioned key sites

Meals: Picnic is optional upon payment when booking this tour (add-ons). Also, take advantage of the group discount.

Requirements: Punctuality, be fit to walk in the mountains and have a head for heights.

What do you need to bring to walk Ponta São Lourenço?

• A warm waterproof jacket for the winter and as it gets very windy there, a wind protection coat. • Non-slip walking boots/ trainers. Besides, no flip-flops or sandals –because the path surface varies (paved and loose gravel). • Furthermore, swimming Suit because there is a small rocky beach where it’s lovely to take a swim (optional). • Also, if you haven’t purchased a picnic as well as water, we remind you to have enough reserve of water and food as there is nothing available on the route. • Take enough water too (once you get there you cannot replenish). • Sunscreen and a sunhat as shade do not exist, besides few palms at the Tourist Information Centre (Casa do Sardinha). • Walking poles might be a help • Make sure you take your camera. • Take a bag to bring your litter away with you.

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Good to Know

• The Ponta São Lourenço walk is not suitable for people with vertigo problems; Also, parts of the path are narrow with a steep drop on one side, but most have a barrier running alongside. • In addition, there are some steps and narrow sections to overcome. • There is only a toilet half-way, at Cais do Sardinha not to mention they charge you 1 euro though. We’ll stop at a cafe before and after the hike. Actually, we ask you to pay at least an espresso to use the bathroom.

Security: Considering safety, better to go with a guide and relax, instead of getting lost in the mountains of Madeira. For instance, if you fall or feel unwell, it is reassuring to know that the mountain guide activates the emergency system. Further, he/she sends a warning and the location of the group to the local authorities, enabling a quick rescue. To put it another way, all well worth the money for the hike.

Animals of Madeira - Lizzard

Our Expertise

We pick you up from the place you are staying at and drop you off when finished.  In fact, it is an easy and comfortable way to get to the walk. Moreover, it’s easy to book. There are comfort breaks before and after the walk. Our staff are qualified. Our fundamental principles are not only the comfort, but also safety, and flexibility of both our guests and personnel as well.

Sao Lourenco Madeira walk wild landscape. what does ponta mean

More importantly, consult our FAQs section, where we have the answers to the most asked questions.

Ponta de São Lourenço Walk is a stunning ecotrail

Included in the walk Ponta São Lourenço

  • Certified Tourist Guide or Mountain Guide
  • Taxes, Fees and Handling Charges
  • Hotel pickup & drop-off included in the city of Funchal and for private tours only.

We can still pick you up upon an extra charge for hotels out of the city (€ per vehicle) or, if you have your car, we can set the time and meeting point in Funchal.

  • Air-conditioned vehicle
  • Entrance Fees When Mentioned
  • Insurance (Required by Portuguese law)
  • First aid kit (basics recommended by ATR)

Excluded in the walk Ponta São Lourenço

  • Please note that there may be an extra charge per reservation for pickups and drop-offs if your accommodation is outside of Funchal (check for prices here)
  • In addition, picnic lunch is optional upon payment when booking this tour (add-ons)
  • Drinks and food during the comfortable stops
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ITINERARY of Ponta São Lourenço Walk

Hotel Pickup (Departure time)
A member of our staff will pick you up at the indicated place and then confirm your voucher identification. You can present either a paper or an electronic ticket for this activity. The tour will begin as soon as we finish collecting tour members. Please click here for location details and map.

Comfort stop
Before heading to the start point of our walk, there will be a comfort stop for anyone who wants to have a coffee and use the bathroom as there might be no facilities along the way (To tell the truth, sometimes the Cais do Sardinha WC are closed)!

Our guides will recommend the best app that tracks how far you walk. Explore Madeira.

Driving East to the end of Land!
In fact, we will drive to Ponta de São Lourenço at the furthest extremity of the island, beyond Machico, where the walk begins. You will immerse in nature – The views are outstanding.

This is a beautiful 8 km walk with the ocean on both sides of the trail. The little viewpoints along the trail are worth the trip. Amazing geology  (geckos, lava flows, lava formations and in various colours, reds, yellows, orange, brown, and black), breathtaking panoramas dominated by cliffs and sea. There are birds, endemic plants, resting points and picnic spots.

Cais do Sardinha
Casa Sardinha is an excellent place to eat the picnic and use the bathroom (€1). Moreover, there is no need to climb the mountain at the end, past the guardians-house, though for those who venture right to the end the views are worth it.

Beach & Port
Then you will find a beautiful little beach near the Cais do Sardinha so take the towels with you if you wish to swim.


Then we will turn around and walk back the same way to Baía D’Abra. The upwards stretch will be downhill on the return!

Comfort stop
There will be a comfort stop on the way back to Funchal for anyone who wants to have a drink and use the bathrooms!

Madeira tourist guide will explain what you see while you walk in Ponta de São Lourenço. Explorers walk.

Then we will turn around and walk back the same way to Baía D’Abra. On the other end, the upwards stretch will be downhill on the return!

Comfort stop
Either, there will be a comfort stop on the way back to Funchal for anyone who wants to have a drink and use the bathrooms!

Hotel Drop-off (Return time)

Furthermore, we will take you back to the same spot where we picked you at the start of the tour.

This walk will show you show you Madeira geology and how Madeira was formed. Hiking Madeira.

Please Note

The order of the itinerary as shown above may be subject to change and/or affected by local conditions.

map your walk at São Lourenço. Madeira active.
Step Back in Tim

Find Walk of Ponta São Lourenço Madeira map pdf here or go to Visit Madeira Webpage.

Madeira trails at São Lourenço walk. What does ponta means? Ponta means tip, point or far end because Ponta de São Lourenço is on the easternmost point of Madeira. Besides, it means a mass of land that projects into the ocean in the case of Ponta do Sol or Ponta Delgada villages.
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