Walk 25 Fountains

Lakes of Madeira. 25 Fountains Walk is one of the famous walks around the world.


Come with us on this extraordinary 25 Fountains walk along a Levada (water channel). The landscape and the surrounding nature with waterfalls and the UNESCO Laurel Forest are fantastic.

  • Holiday Type Hiking, Walking & Active
  • Activity Level Challenging 5/8
Levada photography of Levada cannal in Madeira hikes.

All about the Walk 25 Fountains

If you have one day to go on a Levada hike in Madeira, this is it! Besides if you are fit and you are not afraid of heights, you will love this walk. From the top of Paul da Serra, you will enjoy the views over the evergreen landscape of Rabaçal valley you will cross during the trek.  Further, the wonderful old mountain path along the water channel you will follow will lead you to the beautiful spot, 25 Fountains.  Moreover, we will stay there for a while to enjoy the scenery of the springs sprout from the rocks 10 meters above a large pool. If you are keen on having a cold refreshing shower before we get back, do so.

We will then continue uphill, and your reward at the end of the steps will be magnificent. In addition, one highlight of the walk is the “Risco” cascading waterfall. Here you’ll have a peaceful moment to savour the atmosphere and especially experience the bonus of having Madeira’s endemic chaffinches eating out of our hands.


Because the “enchanted” Laurisilva forest, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage, will surround you the whole time. Make your booking now!

Madeira lakes walk for Madeira seekers that love 25 fountains walk

Other Details on the Walk 25 Fountain

When: Full-day, Friday

Trip Specifications: 25 Fountains walk tour starts at 9h and finishes around 16h. Note that, although guide books mention a 4,5-hours walk, we will need all day as we do the walk at a reasonable pace, including stopping for lunch and for taking photos. As a matter of fact, the first part of the walk is easy going, flat, becoming challenging with up and down sections towards the end. Moreover, there are fences to protect you from the steep drops. One beauty of this walk is experiencing the Laurisilva (Laurel Forest), as well with your guide showing you various plants as you walk and the opportunity to learn the ingenious methods used by the Portuguese to conquer the mountain challenges and build around 3000 km of levadas.

Distance: 12 km (7.5 miles)

Max. Altitude: 1290 m (4,232 ft.)

Min. Altitude: 900 m (2,952 ft.)

Departure Point and Time: Before, please click here for location details and map

Venues: Madeira Natural Park; UNESCO World Heritage Site and other mentioned key sites

Meals: Picnic is optional upon payment when booking this tour (add-ons). Besides, you can take advantage of the group discount.

Madeira is shangri-La for adventure-sekers - USA Today.


Punctuality and also be fit to walk in the mountains and have a head for heights.

What do you need to bring? • A coat/jumper or a waterproof jacket because much of the route is in the shade, and sometimes it’s a colder climate up at the top, not to mention that the weather can often be unpredictable. • Also, non-slip walking boots and the more waterproof, the better. • Additionally, swimming suit, if you are keen on having a cold refreshing shower in the 25 Fontes “pool”. • Further, make sure you have your camera. • Also, if you haven’t purchased Booking-madeira.com picnic, we remind you to bring enough food and water because there is nothing available on the route. • Booking-madeira.com provides torches (free), but if you prefer, you can bring your flashlight or head torch. • Take a bag to carry your litter away with you too.

Good to Know

• The 25 Fountains walk is not suitable for people with vertigo problems because parts of the path are narrow with a steep drop on one side, but most have a barrier running alongside. • Besides, there are some steps and narrow sections to overcome and a 700 m tunnel, flat and spacious; • Moreover, there are no bathrooms on the trail, so we stop at a cafe before and after the hike. We ask you to pay at least an espresso to use the bathroom.

Security: Considering safety, better to go with a guide and relax, instead of getting lost in the mountains of Madeira. For instance, if you fall or feel unwell, it is reassuring to know that the mountain guide activates the emergency system. Further, he/she sends a warning and the location of the group to the local authorities, enabling a quick rescue. To put it another way, all well worth the money for the hike.

25 fountains walk is one of the top 10 Levadas walks and Madeira island hiking.

Our Expertise

We pick you up from the place you are staying at and drop you off when finished.  In fact, it is an easy and comfortable way to get to the walk. Moreover, it’s easy to book. There are comfort breaks before and after the 25 fountains walk. Our staff are qualified. Our fundamental principles are not only the comfort, but also safety, and flexibility of both our guests and personnel as well.

Madeira lakes walk in 25 Fountains Walk and waterfall Madeira

More importantly, consult our FAQs section, where we have the answers to the most asked questions.

Many Madeira visitors come to hike the Levada irrigation channels and 25 Fountains or Rabaçal walk is one of the most popular.

Included in the Walk 25 Fountains

  • Certified Tourist Guide/ Mountain Guide
  • Taxes, Fees and Handling Charges
  • Hotel pickup & drop-off included in the city of Funchal and for private tours only.

However, we can still pick you up upon an extra charge for hotels out of the city (€ per vehicle) or, if you have your car, we can set the time and meeting point in Funchal.

  • Air-conditioned vehicle
  • Entrance Fees When Mentioned
  • Insurance (Required by Portuguese law)
  • First aid kit (basics recommended by ATR)
  • Torches, but if you prefer, you can bring your flashlight or head torch.

Excluded in the Walk 25 Fountains

  • Please note that there may be an extra charge per reservation for pickups and drop-offs if your accommodation is outside of Funchal (check for prices here)
  • In addition, picnic lunch is optional upon payment when booking this tour (add-ons)
  • Also, drinks and food during the comfort stops
To irrigate the plantations, the Portuguese built long aqueducts called levadas. Come along with us to the 25 Fountains walk.


Hotel Pickup (Departure time)
A member of our staff will pick you up at the indicated place and confirm your voucher identification. You can present either a paper or an electronic ticket for this activity. The 25 Fountains walk tour will begin as soon as we finish collecting tour members. Please click here for location details and map.

The number one adventure in Madeira is walking along the paths surrounded by forests. Madeira Portugal hiking

Comfort stop
To start with, before heading to the start point of our walk-in Rabaçal, there will be a comfortable stop for anyone who wants to have a coffee and use the bathroom as there are no facilities along the way!

Madeira gets some of its energy from wind turbines in Paul da Serra Rabaçal and the 25 fountains walk is near.
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Paul da Serra
Then, we will head to Paul da Serra, in the central-western part of the island at 1500 m (4,900 feet). Here, you will find beautiful views of the green landscape and a flat plateau.

Madeira downhill in 25 fountains walk at Rabaçal madeira hiking tours.

700 m Tunnel
Also, we will give you a flashlight, because the walk includes a 15-minute walk through a 19th-century tunnel. You’ll then follow the flat Levada, with a few sections of steep steps protected by fences.

25 Fountains
The walk is a unique experience through valleys covered by the evergreen laurel forest (UNESCO world heritage). If you are brave enough, you can swim in the icy water coming out from different springs cascading to a pool – 25 Fountains.

“Risco” waterfall
Next, we will climb up to the cascade of Risco. The natural park is beautiful and your reward at the end, magnificent. A great place to appreciate the quiet and enjoy the company of the endemic Madeiran Chaffinch that knows it’s lunchtime.

Get your levada walks map Madeira when booking 25 Fountains Walk for locals and tourist trails.


From there we will go back until we reach the car park.

Comfort stop
There will be a comfort stop on the way back to Funchal for anyone who wants to have a drink and use the bathrooms!

Landscape of Flowers called Pride of Madeira on the way to the 25 Fountains Walk in rabacal. These conical purple flowers line the mountains roads of the Islad.

Hotel Drop-off (Return time)

We will take you back to the same spot where we picked you at the start of the 25 Fountains walk tour.

Madeira island is a sanctuary of flora, including the laurissilva forest that you can see on our 25 Fountains Walk. Get your laurisilva forest madeira map.

Please Note

The order of the itinerary, as shown above, may be subject to change and/or affected by local conditions.

A photo can't capture the smell of wild plants and of nature at its best with waterfalls Madeira.

Find Walk 25 Fountains Madeira map pdf here or go to Visit Madeira Webpage.

Madeira today is a hiking wonderland and the 25 Fonts lalacs or Rabaçal walk leads you to spectacular waterfalls and lakes.
Discover it really exists…