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Tours to Madeira Beaches (Jun – Nov)

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All about the Tours to Madeira Beaches (Jun – Nov).

The coastline of Madeira is truly stunning! You’ll find rugged cliffs, pristine beaches, charming fishing villages, and dramatic natural features. As a volcanic island, the coastline is characterised by cliffs, deep valleys, and rocky outcrops, creating a dramatic backdrop to the coastline. Madeira’s black sand beaches are truly spectacular if you’re looking for something unique. But the island’s beaches are diverse, with cobblestone or golden sand and natural swimming pools. Madeira’s beaches are perfect for a fun day by the sea, with plenty of adventure opportunities such as surfing! We’ve picked our top favourite volcanic island beaches that you can’t miss.

Our exclusive full-day tours will take you from East to West and to Porto Santo Island, where you’ll experience unparalleled beauty!

Embark on our East Beach Tour and witness the serene beauty of Santa Cruz, Prainha, Porto da Cruz, and Machico Beach all in one day. Want to explore the West? Our West Beach Tour brings you to Seixal, Ribeira da Janela, Porto Moniz, and Calheta Beach, where you’ll marvel at volcanic landscapes and crystal waters. And don’t miss the Porto Santo Beach 1-day Cruise, an award-winning European beach paradise. Spend a day of sun, sand, and unforgettable memories!

Book your tour now, and let us handle the details of your beach escape while you relax and soak up the views!

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • Certified staff
  • Taxes & beach entrance fees
  • 1-day cruise to Porto Santo: harbour transfers, return cruise, 2-hour island tour
  • Air-conditioned vehicles
  • Pickup & drop-off in Funchal, Caniço and for private tours only
What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
  • Drinks and meals
  • Pick-up and drop-off services outside Funchal and Caniço:

Meet us at the Cable Car bus stop in Funchal if outside the specified areas. Enter “Cable car bus stop” under “Hotel in Madeira or Porto Santo (optional)” at checkout, and we’ll email you the time.

  1. 09:00 Hotel Pick-up (Departure time)

    A staff member will pick you up at the indicated place and confirm your voucher identification. You can present either a paper or an electronic ticket for this activity. The tour will begin as soon as we finish collecting tour members.

  2. When Daily (except Mondays and weekends), June to November
  3. Duration 8 hours

    Island tours start at 09:00 and finish around 17:00.


  4. Departure Point and Time Confirmed by email
  5. Requirements Punctuality
  6. What do you need to bring? Don't forget

    Bring comfortable walking shoes, a camera, a coat or jacket for cooler weather, a swimming suit, a towel, and a changing cloth for your trip. Pack non-slippery water shoes for the cobblestone beaches so you can comfortably experience all the varied terrains Madeira’s beaches offer.

  7. Good to Know Activity level

    There are a few steps to negotiate on Prainha beach.

  8. Our Expertise Why us?

    We pick you up from the place you are staying at and drop you off when finished. It’s easy to book. Our staff are qualified.  We take you to various sites we know you will want to explore.  Our exclusive tours to Madeira’s hidden coastal gems are unmatched. Discover the island’s stunning beaches, from the serene east to the wild West and the celebrated Porto Santo. With us, your Madeira beach holiday is not just a trip; it’s an unforgettable adventure.

  9. 17:00 Hotel Drop-off (Return Time)

    We will take you back to the same spot where we picked you up at the start of the tour.

  10. Please Note The order of the itinerary as shown above may be subject to change and/or affected by local conditions.

    East Beach Tour: Santa Cruz, Prainha, Porto da Cruz, and Machico Beach.

    West Beach Tour: Seixal, Ribeira da Janela, Porto Moniz, and Calheta Beach.

    Porto Santo Beach 1-day cruise: an award-winning European beach paradise.


What can I expect from the Madeira Beaches Tours?
Prepare to be amazed by Madeira’s stunning coastlines! Our full-day tours offer a unique chance to explore the island’s diverse beaches – from the black volcanic sands of Seixal and Prainha to the golden shores of Calheta, Machico and the award-winning Porto Santo Beach. Of course, there are natural swimming pools in Porto Moniz. With transportation included, you’re all set for adventure, relaxation, and breathtaking views.

What makes the beaches in Madeira unique?
Madeira’s beaches are a testament to the island’s volcanic origins, offering a mix of dramatic black sand beaches, secluded golden sands, and natural swimming pools carved by the ocean. Whether it’s the surfing waves at Porto da Cruz or the serene beauty of Santa Cruz, each beach has its unique charm.

Are the tours suitable for all ages?
Absolutely! Our beach tours cater to everyone looking to explore Madeira’s coastal beauty. Whether you’re a family looking for a day out, a couple seeking a romantic escape, or solo adventurers, there’s something for everyone. Just pack your swimwear and get ready for some fun in the sun!

What are the highlights of the East and West Beach Tours?
The East Beach Tour takes you through the cobblestone charm of Santa Cruz, the stunning black sands of Prainha, and the island vibes of Porto da Cruz and concludes at the golden paradise of Machico Beach. The West Beach Tour showcases Seixal’s black volcanic sands, the natural pools of Porto Moniz, and the tranquil golden sands of Calheta Beach. Each tour is carefully designed to show you the best of Madeira’s beaches.

How do I book a tour, and what’s included?
Booking is easy! Choose your preferred beach tour, click on book now and fill in the form. Each tour includes transportation, a knowledgeable guide, and visits to some of the most stunning and secluded beaches in Madeira. Take this exclusive chance to uncover Madeira’s hidden coastal gems with us.

What are the must-visit beaches in Madeira, Portugal?
Explore Seixal Beach, Prainha Beach, and the award-winning Porto Santo Beach for a start!

Can I find sandy beaches in Madeira?
Absolutely! Enjoy sandy beaches like Calheta Beach and Machico Beach, which have gold sand, alongside Seixal Beach and Prainha Beach, which have black sand.

Are there black sand beaches in Madeira?
Madeira’s volcanic nature gifts it with stunning black sand beaches like Seixal Beach and Prainha Beach.

What makes Seixal Beach in Madeira unique?
Its dramatic black sands against lush green backdrops make it a must-visit.

Can I experience traditional Madeiran villages on a beach tour?
Definitely! Tours include visits to places like Machico Old Town and Porto da Cruz.

Are Madeira’s beaches suitable for surfing?
Yes, spots like Porto da Cruz and Machico offer fantastic waves for surfing enthusiasts.

Is Madeira a Portuguese island?
Yes, Madeira is a beautiful archipelago belonging to Portugal, located in the Atlantic Ocean.

What beach resorts are recommended in Madeira, Portugal?
Madeira boasts numerous beach resorts, with many located near Funchal and Calheta.

Do the tours include time for a swim?
Yes, each tour allows ample time to enjoy a refreshing swim.

How long is the Porto Santo Beach from Funchal?
Porto Santo is accessible by a short flight or a ferry ride, offering an exceptional beach day trip. However, we provide a beautiful 1-day cruise to enjoy views of the southern coast of Madeira.

Are there any beach hotels you recommend in Madeira?
You’ll find exquisite beach hotels in Madeira, especially around Funchal, Machico, Porto Moniz, Calheta, and Porto Santo.

What is the climate like for beach goers in Madeira?
Madeira enjoys a mild, subtropical climate, perfect for beach visits year-round.

Can you recommend a beach with facilities like restaurants or umbrellas?
Calheta Beach offers such amenities, ensuring a comfortable beach day.

Is Madeira known for any unique beach features?
Madeira is celebrated for its natural volcanic swimming pools, especially in Porto Moniz.

How accessible are Madeira’s beaches?
Like those in Funchal, most beaches are easily accessible, while others offer a more secluded experience. Our tours help you find and enjoy these beaches stress-free.

Do Madeira Beach Tours include guide services?
Our tours come with knowledgeable professionals to enhance your beach experience.

What’s the appeal of Funchal Madeira beaches?
Funchal’s beaches are beloved for their urban convenience mixed with natural beauty.

Which beach in Madeira is best for a quiet, relaxing day?
Santa Cruz Beach offers a more tranquil setting for those seeking peace.

Are there any hidden gem beaches in Madeira?
Porto da Cruz and Prainha Beach are among Madeira’s lesser-known treasures.

What should I bring on a Madeira Beach Tour?
Sunscreen, a towel, swimwear, and a camera are essentials for your tour. For cobblestone beaches, non-slippery water shoes are recommended.

How do Madeira Beach Tours cater to families?
Our tours are family-friendly, with beach stops offering safe swimming areas and amenities. Selected beaches have lifeguards on duty.

Can I visit Machico Bay Beach on a tour?
Our East Beach Tour includes a stop at the picturesque Machico Bay Beach, featuring golden sands and pebble areas.

Are there any cultural experiences included in the beach tours?
Tours often include visits to historical sites and traditional villages near the beaches.

What’s the best time of year to go on a Madeira Beach Tour?
Madeira is a year-round destination, but summer offers the warmest beach days.

Do you offer tours to Madeira’s black sand beaches?
Tours to explore the island’s unique black sand beaches, like Seixal and Prainha, are available.

How long are the beach tours?
Tours are full-day experiences, giving you plenty of time to explore and relax.

Are meals included in the Madeira Beach Tours?
While meals aren’t typically included, stops at local restaurants are part of the itinerary.

What’s the cost of a beach tour in Madeira?
Tour prices vary but offer incredible value for an all-day, immersive experience.

Can I customise my Madeira Beach Tour?
We can arrange custom tours to suit your preferences and interests at a different rate.

Is transportation provided for Madeira Beach Tours?
Yes, all tours include transportation, allowing you to enjoy the journey worry-free.

What safety measures are in place for swimming on the tours?
Safety is our priority, with guides providing insights on the safest spots for swimming and indicating those with lifeguards.

Can I book a private beach tour in Madeira?
Private tours are available for those seeking a more personalised experience at a different rate.

Is Madeira Beach Tours suitable for solo travellers?
It’s a great way to meet fellow travellers and explore Madeira’s beaches together.

Do the tours explore the entire coastline of Madeira?
Our tours are designed to showcase the variety and beauty of Madeira’s coast, from east to West.

What happens if we encounter bad weather during the tour?
In case of mild weather changes, the tour continues with possible adjustments. For severe weather, we may reschedule or refund the tour.

Is there a discount for booking multiple tours?
Yes, we offer discounts for guests interested in booking multiple tours. Please get in touch with us for more details.

How far in advance do I need to book the beach tour?
We recommend booking as early as possible, especially during peak season, to ensure availability.

Can we choose which beaches to visit on the tour?
Our standard tours have a set itinerary, but we’re happy to discuss custom options for private tours.

What kind of transportation is used for the beach tours?
We use comfortable, air-conditioned vehicles suited to the size of the group.

Is there any physical activity involved in the beach tours?
While our tours are moderate, some beaches may require a short walk or steps to access.

What makes Calheta Beach unique?
Calheta Beach is known for its artificial golden sands, offering a rare sandy experience in Madeira.

How can I book a Madeira Beach Tour?
Booking is easy! Visit our website and select your preferred tour to start your adventure.

Are there opportunities for water sports on the tours?
Yes, many beaches we visit offer water sports like surfing and paddleboarding.

What historical sites can I see on a Madeira Beach Tour?
Tours may include visits to historical sites like Machico Old Town, adding depth to your beach day.

How do I prepare for a day tour of Porto Santo Beach?
Pack light beachwear, bring plenty of sunscreens, and prepare for a day of exploration and relaxation.

What unique wildlife might I see on a Madeira Beach Tour?
Depending on the season and location, you might spot marine life and native birds along the coast.

Are these tours suitable for visitors with mobility issues?
Unfortunately, these tours are not designed for visitors with mobility issues, but we can arrange a tour with a partner to accommodate your needs.

Is lunch included in the beach tour?
Lunch is not included, but we stop at fantastic restaurants catering to various dietary preferences.

How is the price for the beach tour determined?
The price is per vehicle, with a per-person supplement added. The more people in your group, the less expensive it becomes per person.

What if it rains during our beach tour?
As we visit several places, it usually does not rain all over the island, which is why these tours are ideal in summer and autumn. If it’s raining, the tour is cancelled, and the money is refunded.

Can we stay at one beach all day?
No, but depending on availability, we can arrange a custom tour at a different rate to accommodate that request.

What languages do your tour guides speak?
Our guides speak German, English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Is it safe to leave belongings in the vehicle during the beach tour?
You may leave items in the vehicle, but we advise you to refrain from bringing valuable things to the beach, as we won’t be responsible. Treat it as if you were going to the beach at home.

What should we wear for the beach tour?
We recommend comfortable beachwear and a light jacket, as the weather can change. Remember your swimwear, sunscreen, and water shoes for rocky or pebble beaches.

Can we bring our food and drinks on the tour?
Absolutely! Feel free to bring snacks and drinks. However, please keep the vehicle clean and dispose of rubbish properly.

Are there restroom facilities available at the beaches we’ll visit?
Yes, most beaches have restroom facilities. Our guides will inform you about the amenities at each stop.

How many people can join a beach tour?
Our vehicles can accommodate small groups. Please check the specific tour details for the maximum number of participants.

Can children join the beach tours?
Yes, children are welcome! Our beach tours are family-friendly, offering fun for all ages.

Will we have a guide on the beach with us?
Guides to accompany you during transportation and provide information at each stop, but you’ll have free time to explore the beaches independently.

Are there any additional costs during the tour?
The tour price covers entrance fees to the beaches we visit. However, entrance fees for other attractions, such as the Whale Museum or Madeira Aquarium, and optional activities like surf lessons or equipment rentals are not included. While some guests prefer to bask in the sun, others might explore these fascinating sites or engage in water sports. Our team is ready to provide detailed information on these additional offerings and assist with arrangements, ensuring you have a personalised and fulfilling experience.

Are entrance fees to the mentioned beaches included in the tour price?

Yes, any entrance fees for the beaches mentioned in our tour itineraries are included in the tour price. You can enjoy seamless access to all the beautiful spots we visit without additional costs.

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