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Today I visited Socalco Nature Hotel – Agrotourism Resort, a new project that made me very proud to be Madeiran.

It is one of the best agritourism examples in one of Madeira’s sunniest places.


The concept


Chef Octávio Freitas is a visionary who acquired an abandoned property dating back to 1685, with a house and farm.

He didn’t disregard a single detail!

The reconstruction included restoring the original stone walls and the levadas, the local name for the irrigation channels that carry water from the high mountains to the lower drier areas of the island.

He built the rooms and houses in harmony with nature while respecting the surrounding environment.

Each house is different, each having a particular detail that gave rise to their names, related to the role or the view. There is the “Apothecary’s house”, where the former owner produced medicines for the local population, and the “Waterfall house” from where you can see a waterfall. Also, there is the “Straw”, “Cave”, “Terrantez”, etc.

The Chef’s house is a unique space. It has an oven for bread and a kitchen island’s bench set up for workshops.

All the houses and rooms have windows overlooking the Atlantic Ocean with a small built-in bench where I imagine myself sitting reading a book or resting under the Italian motto “the art of doing nothing”.

Socalco Nature Hotel – Agrotourism Resort opened in October 2020.


A walk outside is a delight.


The sound of the birds and the water are so relaxing.

We can eat and drink almost everything planted there: vines, sugar cane, banana plants, Brazilian cherry trees, aromatic herbs, among others, used in Chef Octavio’s kitchen.


The Socalco Nature Hotel – Agrotourism Resort also has a:


  • Winepress and wine cellar in a cave.
  • Barbecue and wine store.
  • Solarium and swimming pool.




As for the restaurant “A Razão”, it is possible to enjoy an experience with a previous reservation.

What I found surprising was that they don’t have a menu. It is logical because the concept is to offer fresh local products based on the ingredients and the day’s catch.

And if you have allergies or a special diet? Just let them know when you contact them because everything is possible in this little paradise.

The Socalco Nature Hotel is preparing agritourism activities for their guests, which is in line with the agritourism meaning.



Enjoy your stay and bon appétit!

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What is agro tourism?

The Agritourism definition or agrotourism is, according to Wikipedia, “A form of tourism in which tourists stay in farms or agricultural villages, either to experience farm life, or as a base for exploring the countryside”.

Rural Tourism