Madeira on Foot: Hiking in Madeira and Safety Tips.

Exploring the serene landscapes of Madeira offers both enchanting beauty and the responsibility to maintain its pristine environment. Here’s a guide to optimize your Hiking Madeira adventure while preserving the natural wonder of this unique destination.

Madeira Island Quiz: Test Your Knowledge

Our quiz is designed to take you through Madeira, revealing its hidden treasures, introducing you to its delicious cuisine, and immersing you in its culture. Answer each question, and you’ll learn more about Madeira’s unique features.

Madeira Botanical Gardens

Welcome to Madeira Botanical Gardens! Madeira is an island with much to offer if you enjoy plants, flowers, and botany. Our location in the Atlantic Ocean gives us a diverse range of biodiversity, which is hard to find anywhere else. 

Madeira Island’s Weather

Exploring Madeira Island’s Weather: Seasons and Microclimates   Welcome to the beautiful Madeira Island!  From the moment you set foot on this picturesque island, you’ll be greeted by a symphony of changing weather patterns that enhance its natural beauty.

Funchal Walking Tour: Exploring Madeira’s Capital on Foot 

Explore Funchal’s treasures on our walking tour – history, culture, and stunning vistas await. Discover iconic landmarks, hidden gems, and local delights. Join us for an unforgettable adventure in Madeira’s capital.

Madeira Islands’ 4 Most Picturesque Villages

Discover the Enchanting Beauty of the Madeira Islands’ Four Most Picturesque Villages.

Madeira: When to Go and Gastronomic Events

Are you planning a trip to Madeira, the enchanting island known for its stunning landscapes and vibrant culture? Wondering when is the best time to visit and what gastronomic events to attend? Let me guide you through it.

What To Eat In Madeira: A Food Tour Adventure

What is food in Madeira Portugal known for? Regarding Madeira Portugal food, Portugal is a top European destination, and Madeira is no exception. The island’s unique cuisine has significantly impacted global food traditions, influencing dishes as far away as Brazil, Goa, South Africa, and Japan.

4 Stunning Landscapes of Madeira

Madeira, an island known for its breathtaking landscapes and natural beauty, is a paradise for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. From towering sea cliffs to panoramic viewpoints, this Portuguese gem offers many stunning vistas that will leave you in awe.

19 Things You Should Not Miss When Visiting Madeira

Madeira has many things to do, fantastic scenery and incredible attractions, making it one of the best travel destinations.

Madeira Entry Requirements

  Travelling to Madeira, Portugal is an excellent choice for those exploring beautiful landscapes and enjoying a mild climate. However, before you embark on your journey, it is important to understand Madeira’s entry requirements

All You Need To Know About Madeira Atlantic Festival

This post contains all the information you want about June’s Madeira Festivals. I’ll add content regularly, so be sure to check for updates. (Last updated on 23.05.23).

Madeira Flower Festival 2023 (Full Programme) ⏰

Plan your festival schedule and access download files all in one place now. Don’t miss a thing – start preparing today!

12 Doubts about Madeira Flower Festival you should clarify

Get ready for the ultimate guide to the Madeira Flower Festival! Today, I’m excited to share the best advice and answers to this amazing event’s frequently asked questions. Don’t miss out on any of the essential information – keep reading!

Madeira Carnival 2023 (Full Programme)

If you’re interested in experiencing an entertaining and thought-provoking Carnival celebration, consider visiting Madeira during the Carnival. You’ll have a chance to see the creative and satirical side of the Carnival, as well as enjoy all the other festivities that are part of this exciting celebration.


"Sustainable tourism is not an option, but a necessity." Home » Madeira Blog   Hiking It's not just about how you travel; it's about why you travel. When you go somewhere new, we believe it's essential to do it in a way that will leave a lasting impact—for you, the local community, and the environment. [...]

Madeira Christmas & New Year’s Eve 2022 (Full Programme)

All the information you want in one place, so you don’t miss a thing. Plan out your festival’s schedule Now.

Levadas – Segurança, Security, Sécurité

For a safe and pleasant hike holiday in Madeira, please refer to the following tips issued by our government.

Nature is at the heart of Madeira. (Nature Festival 2022)

Discover it at the Nature Festival. The event is open to the public in October

Madeira Wine Festival 2022 (Full Programme)

All the information you want in one place, so you don’t miss a thing. Plan out your festival’s schedule Now.

Tour: 🇵🇹 Botânica 🇬🇧 Botany 🇫🇷 Botanique

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Hikes in Madeira

Madeira is the best place to hike in Portugal, but many people still take risks. I will help you make the most of it and help you stay safe.

18 Questions People Are Asking About Madeira Wine

A blog post about the most common questions about Madeira Wine. I hope you find it helpful and helps you choose the wine style that suits you, not to mention the excitement of tasting it someday. Cheers!

Madeira Wine Portugal

There is only one Madeira Island and one wine that can call itself Madeira! “If I went to a desert island, I would definitely take and old Solera or an old Vintage Madeira” – Michael Broadbent, Master of Wine

Madeira Wine Festival 2021 (Full Programme) ⏰

All the information you want in one place, so you don’t miss a thing. Plan out your festival’s schedule Now.

Madeira Lifts All Travel Restrictions: Latest COVID-19 Update (Jan 2023)

Good news for travellers – no entry or exit restrictions exist for passengers visiting the Madeira archipelago. Enjoy your trip to this beautiful destination with ease!

Luxury Travel Trends

Today I want to share the recent luxury travel trends with you, which also includes Madeira. This beautiful island in the Atlantic, Portugal, is one of the top luxury travel destinations to visit this year.

Socalco Nature Hotel – Agrotourism Resort

Today I visited Socalco Nature Hotel – Agrotourism Resort, a new project that made me very proud to be Madeiran. It is one of the best agritourism examples

Botanical gardens in Madeira

  “Botanical gardens in Madeira” is a title used only by specific gardens which meet certain criteria. Although we have many gardens in Madeira, the designation “botanical” is used by only one. But first, let me explain the origin of our vegetation.

Why is Madeira bread so special?

  If you want to try the best food on the island, today I bring you a video of the best homemade sweet potato bread to try in Madeira.


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