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Today I want to share the recent luxury travel trends with you, which also includes Madeira. This beautiful island in the Atlantic, Portugal, is one of the top luxury travel destinations to visit this year.

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Recent trends in the top luxury travel destinations 2021


The key trends that are driving the travellers of the luxury tourism market, according to Technology Magazine, are:

  • Consumer-centric packages.

Firstly, luxury tourism companies are focusing on organising package trips that provide travellers with a positive experience. Another key point is the inclusion of safety and reimbursement plans in medical emergencies associated with SARS-CoV-2.

  • Personalised, memorable, and authentic experiences.

Secondly, there has been an increase in travellers seeking personalised, memorable, and authentic travel experiences. In either case, they want to relax and let go of the routine.

  • Private and personalised holidays.

Lastly, the demand for private and customised holidays is increasing. In this case, travellers with high income choose to enjoy holidays that are personalised and tailored to their requirements.

Furthermore, they also take excursions to enjoy the authentic culture and experience luxury travel to exotic destinations.



Types of Luxury Travel trend Experiences in Madeira


Given the trends described above, Madeira has everything that luxury travellers look for in a destination.

Although we can expand the list according to individual requests, here are the major activities:

• Customised, exclusive vacations

• Private journeys

• Cruises, yachting and small-ship expeditions

• Adventure and active trips

• Family and multi-generational travel

• Celebration travel

• Safaris

• Special events

• Romantic vacations

• Relaxation trips

• Health and wellness travel

• Culinary travel

• Sporting trips and events

• Small group journey




Madeira is a top luxury travel destination!

In fact, the islands hailed as the ‘world’s best emerging golf destination’ at the World Golf Awards 2019. To list, Madeira features three golf courses, including two on Madeira Island (Santo da Serra and Palheiro Golf) and one on the nearby island of Porto Santo (Porto Santo Golf). ➡️ READ MORE HERE

World Travel Awards 2021 🏆 nominated Madeira in the categories of:


🏝  Best Island Destination in Europe.

Not only an award that Madeira won seven times, but they also awarded Madeira, the World’s Leading Island Destination, six times. They can’t have been wrong 13 times!

⛱  Best Beach Destination in Europe (Porto Santo).

Be that as it may, Porto Santo in Madeira has one of the best island beach resorts in the world. Moreover, it has resorts on the beach.

🏞  Europe’s Best Adventure Tourist Destination.

🎊 Europe’s Best Festivals and Events Destination.

Voting runs until next July 14. Please, vote here ➡️


Madeira Flower Festival, Madeira Portugal events: flower festival



The European Best Destinations named Madeira one of the safest destinations for 2021.

Madeira has one of the lowest COVID-19 active cases in Europe, and Porto Santo, the neighbouring island, does not have any case at the moment.

There are no registered cases of the new Indian variant or Nepali mutation, and we already vaccinated 38% of the population, including tourism professionals.

Moreover, other countries recognised the measures that our Government undertook:

  • Madeira has a green travel corridor for vaccinated tourists or those recovered from Covid-19.
  • Offers free PCR tests upon arrival or before departure.




I hope you enjoyed knowing more about luxury tourism trends and why you should consider Madeira a top luxury travel destination in 2021.

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Besides, Lux Madeira is the ideal partner to organise everything you are looking for without worrying about the details.

I also hope you’re able to visit us someday when the time is right.

See you soon! *\(^o^✿)/*


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