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At present, Madeira has no ferry connections from the continent, but It’s easy to get to the Madeira islands.

There are direct flights from the main Capitals in Europe to Madeira international airport. Basically, the Madeira Group has two islands to choose from: Madeira and Porto Santo. It’s easy to get between them, too.

You can combine both on a trip if you want to visit more than one at a time. You can fly and take the ferryboat between the two islands. If you do it, check ferry schedules since not all ferries run daily throughout the year.

Madeira Airport Name

We know Madeira airport by several names, such as Funchal airport, Madeira island airport, airport FNC or Cristiano Ronaldo airport Madeira Portugal. However, the correct airport name is Madeira International Airport – Cristiano Ronaldo, honouring the best footballer in the world born on Madeira’s island.
Additionally, all airports have a code name. If you are interested in finding Madeira airport code and WI-FI Code, scroll to this page’s bottom.

Madeira Airport Location

The Cristiano Ronaldo Madeira International Airport (FNC) is in Santa Cruz, 25 km from the capital, Funchal, i.e. about 20 minutes away. Meanwhile, you can Click here if you want to know where is Madeira!

Interesting Facts About the Madeira Airport Runway:

First, it opened in 1964, with a runway of 1,600 m. Later, in 2000, Madeira Island inaugurated one of the largest structures ever built in the region and with the interesting facts:

  • Total investment: EUR 520 million.
  • Madeira Airport runway length: 2,781 m.
  • Madeira runway capacity: 3.5 million passengers/year.
  • One hundred eighty pillars with 120 metres (60 m above and 60 m below sea level).

Madeira Airport Crash 1977

One question I am often asked is about Madeira airport accidents. But since the airport opened in 1964, there has only been one accident on Madeira Airport landing strip.
According to reports, the flight from Brussels, Belgium, made a stopover in Lisbon. The crew received a severe weather report of Funchal but took the risk. Madeira airport approach on the 1,600 m (5,250 ft) long runway, heavy rain, strong winds and poor visibility resulted in a fatal accident.

Is Madeira Airport Dangerous? Is Madeira Airport Safe?

These are other questions that people often ask me. Before the new runway extension, we knew Madeira airport FNC as one of the world’s most defying airports. The reasons were partly because of the short runway and because only the most experienced pilots could land. In fact, the new runway brought more comfort and a more relaxing experience for passengers.

Madeira airport pictures, Madeira how to get there

Madeira Airport Portugal Facilities

Like all modern airports, Madeira Airport shops offer useful facilities including:

  • ATMs
  • Currency exchange
  • Free WiFi
  • Café
  • Restaurants
  • Madeira airport duty-free selling flowers, newspapers, books, clothing, bags, accessories, perfumes, wine, chocolates, etc.
  • Rent a car Madeira airport company

Parking with many options to choose:

  • 24 hours a day, 365 days
  • From low-cost to premium
  • Roofed or open-air
  • Pedestrian access to the Passenger Terminal.

Premium Services:

  • CIP Madeira airport lounge: arrival and departure, and TAP Lounge.
  • Fast Track is a priority channel that allows getting through the security checkpoint faster.

Luggage storage & Lost and Found

Finally, if you want to keep your luggage safe 24h (bulky items) or track down your lost or damaged items, contact your airline handling agent – Groundforce or Portway (before Security Ground Floor 0).
In case you do not want to carry your baggage around, you can store them in the airport lockers (before security).
At last, if you lost something at the airport or car park, contact the Madeira airport information desks and Customer Service (Floor 1).

Passengers with reduced mobility

Equally noteworthy, passengers with reduced mobility can benefit from the use of MyWay help Service. In that case, they must request it from the airline or travel agent upon booking the trip, or up to 48 hours before the announced time for the flight’s departure. If you want to learn all about your best help at the airport, click here!

Madeira Flights

Madeira Airport Arrivals: Arrivals at Madeira airport here

Madeira Airport Departures: Madeira departures here

Who flies to Madeira (Airlines)? Madeira how to get there? Click here for Airlines and destinations. and for Madeira Airport routes here!

Madeira Easyjet Madeira flights

I’ve Just Arrived in Madeira!

What are my options?
If you have booked Madeira package holidays, then you must find the representative who will wait for you at the airport, unless you have arranged something different from them.
But how to get to your hotel, if you did not book an airport transfer? Here are the options:

Madeira airport transfers

  • Private transfer from Madeira airport to Funchal or other destination on the island: either by bus, minibus or car.

Please note that this is the best choice because the service is private; so, a safe way to get to your accommodation. Besides, you have a friendly professional that will wait to greet you. You don’t have to search for transport or queue; you know how much you will pay before the ride, and the trip is shorter. Moreover, they drop you off at your hotel door, so you don’t have to carry the luggage. You can book your best private airport transfer here!

  • Public bus from Madeira airport to Funchal or other destinations are served by the bus lines number 20, 23, 53, 113 and 208. SAM company provides this service, and we pay the ticket on board.

Please note that this is an in and out public service of Madeira. So, the trip may take you much longer and does not stop at your hotel door. Besides, you may have to wait a long time for a bus to come. Another disadvantage is searching for a hotel while carrying luggage.

  • Aero-bus to Funchal is Madeira airport shuttle, and the ticket is paid onboard.

It is cheap, but the service does not run 24 hours a day, you must walk to the station, the trip is not direct, and as you will have to share the bus with about 40 other people, you will make many stops along the way. Besides, you must wait 45 minutes or more to take it and probably carry your luggage around.

  • Madeira airport taxis: Taxi from Madeira airport to Funchal or anywhere you want.

We recognize them outside the terminal for their yellow colour with blue stripes and a ‘TAXI’ sign on top. The cost of a taxi varies depending on distance, vehicle passenger capacity and time of the day. Keep in mind that there are extra charges to the basic Madeira taxi prices for luggage, weekends and services after 10:00 pm.

  • Car rental in Madeira airport.

It is possible to hire a car and have it at the airport on your arrival. If you are interested, you can consult our travel specialist to choose the model and price that best suits your preferences here!

Madeira Where to Stay?

There is no Madeira airport hotel on the island. However, you will find a wide choice of hotels in Madeira if you click here: Madeira accommodation.
If you need a Travel Specialist’s support, you can complete this inquiry Among the many possibilities, they can help you find:

  • Madeira best hotels
  • Madeira all-inclusive
  • Madeira luxury hotels
  • Madeira villas
  • Madeira hotels Funchal
  • Hotels near Madeira airport
  • And much more.

What to do in Madeira?

There are activities for all tastes in Madeira, but if you don’t have time to organise and don’t know where to start, I suggest a Madeira Holidays package. Usually, these programmes come with the highlights that no one can miss on a visit to Madeira. Furthermore, it allows you to choose to brief stays of 3 days, or 5, 7 days.
This Madeira Holidays packages include beautiful cities, villages, mountains, and time to relax in the sun.
The trip also gives an excellent overview of what Madeira offers, such as the culture, the food, the traditions, and unique nature.
Better yet, you can extend your stay as Madeira Group has two islands to choose from: Madeira and Porto Santo.
Other activities include Sightseeing tours, Madeira walks, Expeditions, boat trips.
As you can see, there is a lot to do and see in Madeira, and if you need support, you are just a click away! Besides, I would be more than happy to help you!

Other useful information:

Madeira entry requirements: Landing at Madeira airport requirements here.
Madeira Airport Weather: For Madeira airport wind, click on the day on the list here.
Madeira Island Airport Code:

  • Madeira airport IATA code – FNC
  • Madeira airport ICAO code – LPMA
  • Madeira airport fsx – The acronym FSX is wrong. The correct acronym is FNC, and it means Funchal, Madeira Islands, Portugal – Funchal (Airport Code)

Madeira Airport Webcam: For Madeira airport live cam, click here!
Wi-Fi Password: TAP Lounge; password: TAP-wifi-2014. If you want to know Wi-Fi Passwords Of Airports Around The World In A Single Map click here, and then click on the airports to reveal their Wi-Fi passwords.
Madeira airport map flights here

What is the flight duration from Madeira to…?

Madeira Portugal

  • Madeira to Porto Santo 0:25
  • Madeira to Lisbon 1:30
  • Madeira to Porto 2:05
  • Madeira and the Azores: Ponta Delgada 2:05

Madeira Spain – Madeira vs Canary Islands

  • Madeira vs Tenerife 1:20
  • Madeira Gran Canaria (Las Palmas) 1:15

Madeira UK

  • Madeira London 3:50
  • Madeira Heathrow 3:45
  • Madeira Gatwick 3:50
  • Madeira Cardiff – via Amsterdam 5:25
  • Madeira from Exeter airport via Manchester 5:10, via Glasgow 5:30, via Newcastle 5:30, via Edinburgh 5:35

Madeira Germany

  • Madeira – Frankfurt 4:05
  • Madeira – Düsseldorf 4:05

Madeira USA

  • Madeira New York City via Lisbon 9:00

Airport near Madeira Portugal

Here is a list of the ten closest airports to Madeira:

  • Porto Santo (PXO / LPPS) 58 km
  • La Palma (SPC / GCLA) 462 km
  • Tenerife (TFN / GCXO) 471 km
  • Lanzarote (ACE / GCRR) 515 km
  • Tenerife (TFS / GCTS) 518 km
  • La Gomera (GMZ / GCGM) 521 km
  • Gran Canaria (LPA / GCLP) 546 km
  • Fuerteventura (FUE / GCFV) 548 km
  • El Hierro (VDE / GCHI) 553 km
  • Essaouira (ESU / GMMI) 684 km

Other airports in Madeira

Porto Santo Airport (PXO)
Comparatively, Porto Santo Airport opened in 1959, five years before Madeira Airport, and it has a runway of 3,000 metres, slightly longer than Madeira runway.
Where is Porto Santo airport? As shown above, it is on Porto Santo island, 1 km from Vila Baleira, and very close to Porto Santo hotels.
Porto Santo Flights – Besides several daily connections from Porto Santo to Madeira, there are direct flights from Lisbon, Oporto and other European cities.
You can check Porto Santo airport arrivals and Porto Santo airport departures here!
Still, you can find Airlines and destinations here!
Further information on Useful Services:

  • Assistance to passengers with reduced mobility “My Way.”
  • Lost and Found
  • Information desk
  • ATM
  • Porto Santo car hire desks
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Shops (crafts, gifts, books, magazines, newspapers)
  • Café

I’ve just arrived in Porto Santo Madeira!

What are my options?

If you have booked Porto Santo holidays, then you must find the representative who will wait for you at the airport, unless you have arranged something different from them.

How to get to your Porto Santo island hotels, if you did not book an airport transfer?

  • Private transfer to Porto Santo accommodation: taxi.

Although Porto Santo receives tourists throughout the year, the number of flights and passengers does not justify having a shuttle bus.

Click on the links for Madeira map here and Porto Santo Portugal map here!

I hope you visit Madeira someday. If you get a chance, I’m sure you’ll enjoy exploring the islands as much as I do.

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